Technology to run your Law Firm

Client & Practice Management


Practice Panther has most of everything you need for your law practice or it intergrates with several clicks from inside its own program. The intake forms can be embeded into a website or sent to a person by email or text. You can automate email strings with Mailchimp. You only save a file once into Box and set the folder to collaborate with your client. Client specific emails are saved in your Outlook or Gmail for easy saving into the client matter. I recommend the Business package. 

Practice Panther



Google Calendar is still thr most adapt at working across so many programs without cliches. You can even use Outlook calendar with your Google Calendar information. It works seamlessly with most online apps and desktop software. You can also make task that are seen on Practice Panther and attach a Zoom meeting. You get an email that you could use just for junk. 

Gmail Calendar

Email System with Office 365


Office 365 has Outlook 365. It intergrates to Box, Adobe, Practice Panther, Clio, MyCase, and has other programs like Contact Manager and Tasks. I recommend the Business Premium. You also get MileIQ for mileage tracking and HIPAA compliant email. 

Office 365 Business Premium

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro


Adobe Acrobate DC Pro replaces your esign online program while allowing you to make fillable forms even on your cell phone and send Discovery with Bate stamps, encryption, passwords, and tracking. It intergrates with Office 365 programs and Box Document Storage. 

Adobe Acrobat DC Pro with eSign/ Document Tracking

Automative Intake Email


Mailchimp allows you to make automatic emails or pushed emails with multiple steps and it intergrates into Practice Panther and Clio along with Facebook, Twitter, and many more programs. See Members Only Section for templates and how to booklets to automate you law practice and not just in marketing. 


Document Storage: Secure and Mobile

image12 is my current top pick for document storage. Your client can have a FREE account while your account can be HIPAA compliant and Bank grade security. The link goes to the Business program. I would recommend the Enterprise at $20 more a user. You get unlimited external users and a BAA.