Planning your firm

Life Plan

Creating goals for your personal life will help you establish the type of firm that will help you meet those goals.

Get Personal

Business Plan

There are many business plans and honestly the layout has nothing to do with the success of your firm. Success comes from making a plan and from working the plan.

Plan it

Branding - Marketing Plan

Branding helps build trust and authority which will get you featured in media that will build your network and attract more clients that will pay premium pricing that will last and evolve over your career. 

Claim It

Social Media Plan

Social media means everything that is not paper, television, radio. Your plan will be different than other firms, because you are different, your firm is different, and your clients are different. You must learn about yourself to see which media would be best for you.

Socialize it

Company name and logo

Your company name is an extension of yourself. The logo is your company's public first image. It needs to abide by your state's rules while meeting the requirements of the entity type you decide and how the public sees it. 

Mark it

Moving to the next level

Building your practice is not a one and your done event. You must constantly improve and learn. There are many resources out there to help you ask the right questions about yourself to build a better mousetrap. There are new books and the tried books. When I graduated with my first degree, Facebook was only a college website. Now my grandmother uses it in her 80's. Keep learning and evolving. 

Your next step is getting the office up and running. 

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