Set up your office

Website (Domain & Hosting)


Godaddy's GoCentral is the easiest system to make your own website with an appointment, shopping, and blogging in one. You can embed Practice Panther intake forms and LawPay Payment links. You can make changes on your phone.

GoDaddy Web Builder

Virtual Receptionist


You cannot be everywhere and allowing your phone to be answered in a professional manner will help you work with you clients and prospective clients. Many programs will help you track your calls for better billing. 

Ruby Receptionist

Conference Calls


Zoom allows you to see a person face to face even when you are far away from them or in the same town. Most law firms will only need the Basic, which is free, or the Pro. 

Zoom Conferencing

Phone and Text to Cell Phone


Customers have questions, you have answers. You also want privacy. You can have a local number or a toll-free number.


Employee & Contractor Pay

image21 does everything you MUST do when having employees and contractors. You send a link to your employee and they do the rest. They file the state and federal forms along with sending the W2's and 1099. You can also track vacations and other days off while providing insurance, 401k, and even 529's.

Law Office Software


In many markets and practice areas, you can have a virtual office. In other markets and practice areas, you must have one floor in a tall building. Also with technology you can work from home or even a coffeeshop. 

The best way to be more mobile by using software. 

Software to become Mobile